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Are you out there looking for Premier Dead Sea beauty products and more information about them before making your final decision? Search no more! This page will equip you with all the necessary information that you need to know. We have listed the best and the leading beauty products to make your work easier. Among the products we review include perfecting skin care collection, Skin Minerals collection, Face Lift collection, Advanced BOTO collection, and Supreme Black Velvet collection. These products are categorised into Eye and Neck Care Serums, Moisturizers, Masks, Cleansers, Toners, and Body Care products.

You will find a summary of each of these products. We have explained briefly the ingredients that each product is made of. There in you will be able to know the main source of the ingredients used. This can be a guide for you, as you choose which product suits your needs and your skin type.

We have also outlined the mode of application that is recommended for each product. We have given the specific outcomes after the use of each of these commodities. To get all the information concerning each product, you can click on the title of each of the products.

It is more interesting to know that you will get not only the product description but also the products reviews. These are the reviews given by those who have had the chance to use our products. They have outlined all the results they got from using the products. These are reviews that they got to leave on their own volitional will. This will help you to have a clear picture of what to expect after using the said products.

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Premier Dead Sea BIOX ULTRA Thermal Beauty Experience Mask

BIOX ULTRA Thermal Beauty Experience Mask

We can now enhance our beauty using a mask treatment that has been energized using an instant thermal warming application. You are bound to get an experience that you can never forget. Its ingredients are Dead Sea complex minerals and they do help in the absorption of oil, toxins and dirt and also helps to open up pores. It has a healing effect that unclogs and clarifies the pores and this purifies the skin effectively.

The user should apply it on the face and keep massaging it for a period of time. This allows it to unclog the pores and allow deep penetration of its healing Dead Sea ingredients. Your skin will have a young look and glowing effect that you cannot help but notice and feel.

Premier Dead Sea Aromatic Body Butter- Milk and Honey

Aromatic Body Butter-Milk and Honey

Aromatic Body Butter is a lotion that is made using milk and honey plus other products from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea products are essential and important to the body as they are all natural and hence no negative side effects on the body. It is not slimy and greasy and this makes it suitable to use throughout the day.

You should spread it on your skin and massage it so that it can be evenly absorbed in the skin. It leaves the body having a nice and sweet scent blended with honey and milk. Its fragrance lasts throughout the day and this makes you smell fresh all day long.

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask

Prestige Miracle Noir Mask

Prestige Miracle Noir Mask is a facial mask that is used by anyone who feels that they need it to get rid of any facial problems or have the need to have a smooth and blemish free face. It’s considered a type of treatment that is newly reinvented and has been enhanced using refinements that have revolved over the years.

Its ingredients comprise of essential oils and antioxidants that are considerably powerful. The ingredients are natural thus preventing the skin to have negative reactions to the mask. It’s rated as a number one classic mask.

As the name denotes it’s a mask. So the user should apply it on the face and should not wipe it out immediately. You should have it on your face for a while and this allows for it to penetrate into the skin. It opens up the blocked pores and allows the excess sebum to be released. This makes the skin to be more radiant and glowing.

PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C & E

PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C & E

This facial serum is newest skin care in the market. It’s essential for anyone who wants to have a tighter and refined skin. Its made using Vitamins C and E.Vitamins are vital for all skin and thus its use makes the skin nourished and compact. Its essentials do counter act the free radicals in the skin and this reverses the time test.

The mode of application is to glide the elixir all over your face contours and all your t- zones. It’s then absorbed fast by the skin so as to utilize these vitamins. The skin responds to its use and it’s brighter and maintains a velvety kind of touch. If you can consider using it hand in hand with any other product, you should consider the following:-Prestige Miracle Noir Mask and Prestige Moisture Complex –Normal to Dry skin.

It makes the users face to be more refined and have a youthful and radiant look. It should be applied on the face using the palm of your hand. Apply using each palm at a go. This gives you ample time to smooth out the serum on each section. You can massage the face afterwards with both palms using rapid motions allover the face. You can be assured that you will have results that are worth each dollar spend to purchase the serum.


Premier Dead Sea Nourishing Cream for Men

Nourishing Cream for Men

It is the long awaited savior for all gentlemen who take their grooming seriously. It is made using botanical extracts that are very refined. It ensures that the skin will look supple and the user will look sharp. Any gentleman using it will be deemed as polished and the dignified look will command a lot of respect. A high percentage of men are those who are never serious when it comes to their looks.

That’s why this Cream has been invented and made using moisturizers for the skin’s nourishment. Its ingredients comprises of the natural products extracted from the sea. This makes it more effective because it does not have artificial additives that can react negatively to some skin types. It’s applied on the users hands and smoothed in rapid motions. It is then applied on the face in circular motions. It is advisable that you massage your face evenly to allow its distribution and increase its effect on the face.

Premier Dead Sea BIOX ULTRA Intensive Age-Defying Eye Cream Gel

BIOX ULTRA Intensive Age-Defying Eye Cream Gel

This is a daily treatment that is essential in fighting the tension that appears around the eyes. Regular movements of the face are likely to cause lines of different depths and wrinkles which are commonly referred to as expression lines. The eyes always look puffy and have dark circles. The Age Defying eye Cream Gel erases all that if applied regularly.

It’s an advanced type of solution that helps one to evade the use of injections or cosmetic surgeries. You apply it in circular motions around the eye and smooth it with the tips of your fingers. It does manage to conceal our imperfections and those deep wrinkles that easily give our ages or even exaggerates it at times.