‘Obsessed’ with Mariah Carey? It Seems that Premier Dead Sea Is!

‘Obsessed’ with Mariah Carey? It Seems that Premier Dead Sea Is!

Premier Dead Sea is an internationally acclaimed, leading skincare and cosmetics brand recognized as an award winning Skincare Company since the early 90’s. To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, Premier Dead Sea signed on singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress Mariah Carey to be the new face of Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics.

Premier Dead Sea has a stellar reputation for being a world leader by scientifically harnessing vitamins and minerals found in the Dead Sea and utilizing the individual properties of these minerals to produce the highest quality of premium skin care products.


What do Premier have that others don’t?

With over 400 products and multiple ranges, Premier has hundreds of employees that work tirelessly with their research team. Premier Dead Sea’s laboratory boasts of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. They facilitate advancements in skincare to provide consumers with miraculous skin care products.

Premier believes that it is only through a harmonious marriage of nature with technology that their cosmetics products are the most luxurious. These products give visible results and are known for their excellent age reversal. This dramatic and visible result is only possible through the procurement of the best ingredients from the famous Dead Sea.

Some noteworthy properties of their products are toning, moisturizing, skin tightening, and lightning.

Now that Premier Dead Sea, known for their quality and brand name, has signed on Mariah Carey to be the new face of Premier, there is bound to be a higher level of collaboration and quality, for existing and new users of Premier products with new and existing fans of Mariah Carey. You can read about the collaboration of Mariah Carey and Premier Dead Sea  in Algemeiner.


Mariah Carey’s Israeli Love Story

During her visit, Maria Carey to promote Premier Dead Sea she noted to be extremely happy to be in Israel. She has a long standing history with Israel and was gushing with excitement to be back in the Holy Land.

Previously, Carey with ex-beau Australian Casino magnate James Packer dined with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wife Sara. Ex-beau James Packer is currently under investigation by the Israeli authorities for corruption and a gift-giving scandal. When asked about Packers’ whereabouts, Mariah denied knowing where he was. She was only interested in ensuring that her new engagement with Premier Dead Sea is noted by the media and not her political stance.

This scandalous circumstance has, however, not jaded Carey towards the Holy Land. Instead, she was extremely pleased to visit Israel with her 6-year old twins Monroe and Moroccan and hoped that they too have a good time.


What does Mariah like about Premier Dead Sea?

Mariah Carey loved the Premier Dead Sea BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Serum/ Anti-Age Complex! This serum is one of the absolute best sellers on the Premier Dead Sea site and has fantastic reviews about it. You can completely rejuvenate your skin to unlock youthful glowing facial skin. This fabulous serum contains advancements from science that are beneficial to tired looking skin and completely revitalizes it to emerge as youthful, tight, and fresh looking skin.

Your skin will look lifted, taut and will recover from skin damage. Containing oat extract and Dead Sea mineral water, this serum nourishes and softens skin to look almost 10 years younger!  This serum works wonders with Premier Dead Sea BIOX Age Treatment Eye Cream Gel and Premier Dead Sea BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Cream.


What does Premier get out of it?

Premier Dead Sea has very strategically signed on Mariah Carey to up the ante in international markets. There will soon be a notable boom in the skin care and cosmetics industry with world leaders like Premier capitalizing on the growing skin care trend across the world. Dead Sea Premier has a substantial edge in the world market with a whopping distribution system that spans 60 countries and hundreds of employees.

Their Research and Development wing only concentrate on harvesting vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea and improving Premier Dead Sea products through a perfect balance of nature and cutting edge technology. It stands to reason that there will be advantageous outcomes of this new improvement with Mariah Carey.