The Dead Sea's Treasure for your Skin

The Dead Sea’s Treasure for your Skin

One of the most amazing natural wonders in the earth is the sea known as the Dead Sea that is as much as 1,200 feet below the sea level. Over many years, the high evaporation rate and hot, dry air have immensely contributed to the ultra-high salt concentration seen in Dead Sea. This makes it the saltiest lake on the planet.

Contrast to the three percent salt content of the normal sea water, researchers record that the water of this Sea has 32 percent salts with an amazingly high concentration of a whopping 21 minerals including potassium, magnesium, bromide, and calcium. Many of such minerals cannot be found in any other ocean and sea. Isn’t this amazing? Definitely, it is!

What’s more? Research has indicated that there are particular advantages of each of these ingredients and minerals such as:

Magnesium is known to increase cell metabolism by helping the body to use other important nutrients. It functions as a good anti-allergic agent.

Calcium works to soothe and relieve skin cells. It is essential in cleansing pores and strengthening cell membranes.

Chloride functions to balance minerals in our bodies and the cells. It is crucial in maintaining the perfect balance of acid and alkaline in the body. This is crucial in the process of cell metabolism.

Zinc is essential in the regulation of cell regeneration and growth. It facilitates cell renewal process and stimulates elastin and collagen and synthesis. As an excellent antioxidant, zinc works as a free radicals killer. It also enhances anti-acne properties (sebo-regulation), anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a good UV rays blocker.

Sodium Chloride works to nourish and hydrate the skin cells. It removes toxic waste and improves its permeability.

Through the purification process, Premier Dead Sea Experts are careful to extract all the vital ingredients that are responsible for rebuilding and renewal of skin cells. They are also combined with complex liposome minerals that enhance their effectiveness. With every application of Premier Dead Sea products, the epidermal cells renew themselves and restructure your skin’s balance.

As the name suggests, the ingredients are sought from the deepest part of the sea which is rich with salts, minerals, and oils that soothe the skin. The natural marine source has created a source from which your skin gets special treatment.

With the 21 minerals that form the combination of the beauty products, you can trust that even your circulatory system is well taken care of. The Sea treasures have a bigger focus than just the outer skin. If you are suffering from rheumatic discomfort, these minerals can help in calming the nerves. There are also some ingredients that are very helpful in dealing with metabolic disorders.

Dead Sea treasures have traversed across the world and have won a number one position in many people’s beauty closets. It has taken both nature and technology to come up with the products and give them the touch of class that they come with, making them the winning line. Premier as an advanced and revolutionary company took all the advantages of Dead Sea minerals and made them better using the state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge knowledge.

These ingredients enrich your skin with everlasting goodness that emanates from a geological phenomenon of the finest minerals. If you have not experienced Premier Dead Sea brand yet, you are yet to experience natural beauty at its core. Regardless of the kind of treatment, you are looking for; you are bound to find the best within the Premier Brand. There is now no reason why you should not nourish, moisturize, tone or exfoliate your skin in a way that rebuilds and renews your skin cells.

Premier products are inspired by the tranquility and beauty of the natural environment. The makers of the products care about your skin, and it is for this reason that they strive to make use of minerals that leave your beautiful skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished with all the vital minerals. The ingredients work very well on the skin so that they are well absorbed, leaving no traces. The ingredients also are compounded to help your cells to remove blemishes and give you a clear and glowing skin color.

A Mark above the Rest

You will agree that not all skin care products will give you the most pleasant results, but Premier Dead Sea products give you the guarantee of a change of feel once you start using the products. Unlike other products, the ingredients that make Premier brand products do not oxidize once they come into contact with air. Once creams oxidize, their effectiveness on the skin greatly reduces. You will never expect this to happen with Premier Dead Sea products. The active ingredients are separated from the cream, a secret that helps protect the products from oxidation. To achieve this, the dynamic elements are frozen at room temperature to make them effective for a long period of time.