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The Dead Sea’s Treasure for your Skin

One of the most amazing natural wonders in the earth is the sea known as the Dead Sea that is as much as 1,200 feet below the sea level. Over many years, the high evaporation rate and hot, dry air have immensely contributed to the ultra-high salt concentration seen in Dead Sea. This makes it […]

Prepare your skin for the winter – 5 useful tips

Winter is almost coming, and you are aware of the effects this extreme weather conditions can have on your skin. Sometimes, even covering yourself in fluffy scarves and jackets does not do much to save the situation, especially for the face. However, there are steps you can take in advance to prevent your skin from […]

How and Why It Is Important to Take Care of Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a crucial role in protecting all the other organs. As such, proper care should be given to it to ensure that it remains healthy at all times. Skin experts say that what you do and eat today will definitely show up in your skin […]